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Pest Control Services

No matter what type of pest is bugging you, we have a solution to make it go away and never come back! We also offer preventative pest control services to stop infestations from happening in the first place.

Termite Control Solutions

If you have Eastern Subterranean Termites, you might not notice them for years because they live in the ground underneath your home and bore tunnels from the colony to their food supply.

Additional Services

In addition to our pest and termite control, we also specialize in many other areas that may cause you problems.




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One of our friendly exterminating technicians will eradicate unwanted pests - 100% satifcation guaranteed


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One of our experienced technicians will find and exterminate any and all unwanted pest - We guarantee our work


As a local small business, we stay competitive and will work with any budget to accommodate your exterminating needs


Clint Miller Exterminating

Clint Miller Exterminating has been in business for 30 plus years and we are continuing to grow every day. The company is licensed in North Carolina and uses the latest and most advanced materials and equipment as we strive to be the best in the pest control business.


Why Are Cockroaches So Hard To Kill: Cockroach Control
10, 2018

Why Are Cockroaches So Hard To Kill: Cockroach Control

by Clint Miller / 0 Comments

Many types of cockroaches exist and those that you commonly see in the area are hard to kill. The way they are built makes them difficult to kill unless you poison them. They also regenerate legs and can go without food for up to three months. If you've ever dealt with roaches, you may ask yourself, “Are cockroaches indestructible?”


Bugs That Destroy Houses: Home Invading Creatures
29, 2018

Bugs That Destroy Houses: Home Invading Creatures

by Clint Miller / 0 Comments

Even if you are the cleanest person on earth, you're going to have bugs in your house. And they will destroy the house. North Carolina State University researchers found 579 different species of bugs in 50 homes. They scoured a total of 554 rooms, and of those, only five rooms had no detectable signs of arthropods. You may find bugs in fiberglass insulation, bugs that eat clothes in your home, and even bugs that eat wood rather than termites.


Are Silverfish Harmful? Get Rid Of Silverfish
15, 2018

Are Silverfish Harmful? Get Rid Of Silverfish

by Clint Miller / 0 Comments

The silverfish gets its name because of its metallic silvery look and because it moves like a fish. These pests do not have wings but do run fast. It's easy to miss their presence as they do hide from humans, thus the damage they do may not be seen until its extensive. Silverfish like cold, damp and dark places like basements and cabinets under sinks. They also prefer to come out at night rather than during the day.


“Clint Miller Exterminating in Mount Pleasant, N.C.!! I highly recommend them, they do an excellent job. I used them in a healthcare facility for 17 years, never had any problems with them!! You call, they come out ASAP!! Love this Company!!

Cathy L

Your company was a huge help to my daughter and i know she has referred you several times to friends! clint miller provjdes the best possible service, at the best possible prices at at his earliest available appointment possible! it’s always a pleasure to see you guys around town!

Concord Resident

The girls in the office are always a pleasure to work with to schedule! I haven’t met a technician at Clint Miller Exterminating that wasn’t professional and didn’t know what he was doing. All the techs are very personable and knowledgeable!!

Julie Ueleke

Jerry was at our home today to perform a moisture/foundation inspection. He was extremely courteous, knowledgeable and performed his service with a smile. We were impressed with his thorough explanation of what he found and the solution. His cost breakdown and other recommendations were very helpful. Jerry’s service level today has earned Clint Miller a new customer. It was refreshing to deal with an honest individual that genuinely cares about the customer and their home.

Len In Kannapolis, NC

I have been a customer with your company for many years, and currently have two houses that get an annual inspection and termite spray. Last September, one of your technicians came to spray for fleas at my New London home, and did an outstanding job. I watched his work, and he was very thorough, reaching all the tough spots and favorite hangouts for my dogs. Along with some frequent vacuuming, we were then rid of fleas. A few weeks ago, he came back out with an assistant to encapsulate my crawl space and install a dehumidifier. It was an excellent job: nowhere was there more than a quarter inch gap between the poly and the foundation, and the Horizon Galaxy was mounted properly on concrete block, near the center of the crawl space, with an adequate drop for good drainage out the PVC pipe to the outside. My highest evaluation for your technician! Many Thanks.

New London Resident, NC

David stopped by to do my annual inspection this morning. He was not only an excellent technician but very courteous and helpful. He inspected every station and replaced the ones in question. He did a thorough job and found termites in one station by my outbuilding (which makes the annual fee a bargain), He also installed two new stations in an area where I have had a in-ground pool installed since last year. Please thank David for the GREAT job and know he represents your business well. He should teach customer service! Thanks again!

Salisbury Resident

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