Bugs That Destroy Houses: Home Invading Creatures


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Bugs That Destroy Houses: Home Invading Creatures
29, 2018

Bugs That Destroy Houses: Home Invading Creatures

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Even if you are the cleanest person on earth, you're going to have bugs in your house. And they will destroy the house. North Carolina State University researchers found 579 different species of bugs in 50 homes. They scoured a total of 554 rooms, and of those, only five rooms had no detectable signs of arthropods. You may find bugs in fiberglass insulation, bugs that eat clothes in your home, and even bugs that eat wood rather than termites.

1. Termites

One of the worst bugs to have in your home are termites. These pests cause over $5 million in property damage across the United States every year. Usually, termite damage isn't covered by homeowner's insurance. If the tip of a screwdriver goes into the wood of your house easily, or if you tap the wall and hear a hollow sound, you may have termites.

2. Dust Mites

Dust mites cannot be seen with the naked eye. They are related to spiders and live in bedding, on mattresses, in carpets, curtains and upholstered furniture. They feed on the flakes of skin you and your pets shed every day. They love humidity and warm environments.

3. Silverfish

Silverfish insect infestation in home is usually caused by bringing these critters in with boxes that have been stored in an infested area. An adult silverfish grows up to a half-inch long and are often mistaken for cockroaches. They have two antennae on their heads, plus three appendages on the tips of their abdomens that look like tails.

4. Moths

Though moths are not a threat to humans, they do cause a lot of damage to clothing. If you don't notice a moth infestation, your favorite silks and woolens will have a lot of holes in them. Both adults and their larvae eat clothing.

5. Woodworms

Woodworms are wood-boring beetles that chew away at your furniture. If you notice wood dust on the floor under your furniture, you may have woodworms. They prefer woods such as oak and mahogany.

6. Carpenter Ants

These pests don't eat the wood of your house, but they hollow out pine and fir lumber to make their nests. Some species prefer to just live in hollow doors and behind the insulation in your home and are not as destructive.

7. Indoor Ants

These pesky critters won't damage your home, but they do make life uncomfortable if you have an infestation. They are often fussy about baits. If you have ants, it's best to contact an exterminator to help you get rid of the infestation. If you do use bait stations, don't spray repellant around them or you'll never get rid of the ants.

8. Carpenter Bees

These bees chew into the wood to make their homes. They do prefer unfinished wood, but will attach treated wood and stained or painted wood. The holes look perfectly round and can be up to 2 inches around. Carpenter bees lay their eggs in the tunnels. You'll find them near the eaves, siding and decks of homes.

9. German Cockroaches

They unhealthy pests cause children to suffer from asthma and allergies. The skin they shed and their feces carry pathogens that make you sick. Though you can use baits for them, it's better to have a professional spray to get rid of these hearty creatures.

10. Bed Bugs

Bed bugs don't usually carry diseases, but they do bite. They soil bedding and furniture. Look for little black dots on your mattress, especially where it is sewn together. Since they feed on blood, those dots may be specks of blood or feces.

11. Powderpost Beetles

These beetles lay eggs in the crevices, crack and pores in the wood. Their larvae feed on the wood once they hatch. You'll see pinhead-size holes in the wood, plus powdery deposits of frass. They are most commonly seen from May through August.

12. Spiders

In general, spiders are harmless, unless you run across a poisonous spider such as a black widow or brown recluse. If you have a spider infestation, contact Clint Miller Exterminating to get rid of the infestation.

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Contact Clint Miller Exterminating if you notice these or any other pests in your home, especially if you see pests that eat away at the wood of your home, which could cause structural damage.

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