Mt. Pleasant Pest ControlClint Miller Exterminating has served Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding areas since 1978. During that time, we’ve built an established reputation with both residents and business owners and have provided the most advanced treatments for pest control. From termites to bed bugs and ants, we provide extermination services and preventative maintenance to keep invasive pests out of your home and business. When pests take over your property, let Clint Miller Exterminating kick them out for good.


Outstanding Service for Mt. Pleasant Homes

Whether it’s ants building colonies around the foundation or termites chewing through the walls, we want to protect your investment. Once we arrive on your property, we inspect the entire area and locate the source of the problem. We create an effective plan of action to eradicate your pest problem and save you from costly repairs in the future.


Mt. Pleasant Pest Control for Businesses

Pests can keep customers from revisiting your business. Whether it’s ants in your restaurant or bed bugs in your hotel, a pest infestation creates a bad reputation and ruins your business. Our specialists use the latest tools and treatment methods to eliminate stubborn pests and prevent future infestations.


Ants and Bed Bugs

When ants go on the hunt for food and water, they sometimes end up in your kitchen. Even a clean home attracts ants, which can stick around and relocate their colony closer to your home if they’re not controlled in time. Some ants cause problems for electronics and appliances. For example, raspberry crazy ants are attracted to electrical currents and can cause a short circuit in your heating and air conditioning unit.

Bed bugs breed by the hundreds and infest entire homes and businesses in days. These small creatures have flat bodies that range in color from brown to reddish. Bed bugs feed on human blood and can hide in bedding, clothing and furniture. They also cling to your clothing and luggage, making it easy to transmit them to other areas of your home and beyond.


Mt. Pleasant Termite Control

Termites look similar to ants and can attack your home from below and above the ground. They chew through wood, plaster and other materials as they destroy your home and business. These invasive pests can create tens of thousands of dollars in damages in a single year. Our specialists eradicate termites within their burrows and then treat the soil to prevent future infestations.


Pest Control in Mt. Pleasant and the Surrounding Areas

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating for a free quote. We take pride in providing quick, effective pest control services for residents and business owners in Mt. Pleasant and the surrounding counties. When termites, bed bugs and ants threaten your property, we’ll take care of the problem so that you don’t have to.


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