Crawlspace Services

Crawlspace Services
Crawlspace Services

Crawlspace Services

DO YOU KNOW about sealed crawlspaces?

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For decades, building codes and conventional wisdom prescribed ventilating crawl spaces with outside air as the primary means to control moisture in crawl space foundation homes. Because of this, many homes built on crawl space foundations in the Southeastern United States have suffered from poor moisture management within the structure and also the ailments caused by excessive moisture.

Our professional technicians at Clint Miller offer crawlspace services in Kannapolis, as well as Concord, Harrisburg, Albemarle, Norwood, Charlotte, Locust, Monroe, Mathews and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.

Research and now actual usage has shown that closing the crawl space, so that the crawl space has NO ventilation to the outside, can provide greatly improved moisture control and results in significant energy savings when installed properly.


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