Clint Miller Exterminating takes care of many general pests, but the ones most seen in the Cabarrus, Stanly, Rowan, Mecklenburg, Montgomery, and Union counties are ants, spiders, camel crickets, earwigs, and millipedes. If you are seeing general pests in your home we do not have to come treat inside. We can treat in the crawlspace/basement and the outside perimeter of the house, and after a couple weeks you should notice a huge decrease in the amount of pests you are seeing. Our professional exterminators offer general pest control in Charlotte, Concord, Harrisburg, Albemarle, Norwood, Kannapolis, Locust, Monroe, Matthews and the surrounding areas.



There are many types of spiders in North Carolina. They include the hobo, black widow,  the regular house spider, etc. A general pest control treatment will eliminate any of them. Be sure to knock down webs when you see them and clean up dead bugs when you see them laying around the house; as that is a food source.


Camel Crickets

Camel Crickets got their name because of their hump-backed appearance. They like cool, moist areas such as basements, crawl spaces, bathrooms, garages, etc. They are not harmful to you or your home, but they have been known to eat on fabrics. Try to keep the area around your home free of wood piles and other types of harborage that can collect moisture. You may also want to invest in your crawl space. Clint Miller Exterminating has the answer for all your crawl space moisture issues.



This bug is often referred to as the “pincher bug.” They have elongated, flat bodies with what looks like pinchers on one end. Earwigs are attracted to light and moisture; therefore, you can typically find them in your bathrooms, garages, basements, crawl spaces, etc. They are good climbers and can enter the home through the roof and attic. It is important that your roof is sealed and the areas around your home are free of excessive moisture.



They look like worms with thousands of legs. They are attracted to decaying vegetation, so if you have any mulch or wood piles near your home that’s where they are likely to be. Some can release a horrible smelling fluid, which can cause harm to small animals. If you have seen them in your home, the good news is they can’t survive more than a few days indoors, unless there is a lot of moisture and a food supply. Many times confused with centipedes. Save a sample for us to identify!


If you think you found one of the pests mentioned above, please contact our office and we will be happy to get a technician out there to identify the bug. If it is after hours and you would like to go ahead and send us an email with your information and a picture of the bug, please send it to cmillerext@cmext.com for faster identification.


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