mooresville pest controlPests cause serious problems for people in cities throughout North Carolina. Unfortunately, the town of Mooresville is no exception. Many local infestations involve bedbugs, termites or one of several ant species. Insect colonies can inflict extensive damage unless residents take swift action to protect their homes.


Termite Control

Although it seldom bites humans, this cockroach relative has the potential to destroy almost any wooden structure. Eastern subterranean and West Indian powderpost termites infest walls, floors and furniture in North Carolina. Subterranean pests only thrive in moist environments; they often invade homes by crawling through soil. However, powderpost termites can survive in dry conditions.


Bedbug Control

This persistent pest finds its way into homes by hitching rides on luggage, clothing or furniture. After the infestation begins, occupants awaken to find itchy bumps on their skin. Bedbugs have become resistant to some types of insecticide. They can also hide in extremely small crevices and live for months with no food. This makes them very difficult to remove without professional assistance.


Ant Control

Multiple ant species proliferate in Mooresville. Acrobat, pavement, Argentine and odorous house ants infest homes from time to time. They annoy residents and loot kitchen cupboards. However, the fire ant instills greater fear than any other species. It harms crops, kills small animals and delivers a painful sting. Ants often enter homes through tiny holes. People also spread them by transporting soil or plants.

If you suspect that ants, termites, bedbugs or other pests have invaded your house, Clint Miller Exterminating can help. Mooresville residents rely on us to quickly eliminate unwanted insects and deliver long-term results. We have over three decades of pest control experience, highly skilled personnel and an excellent Better Business Bureau rating.

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