Charlotte Pest ControlPests cause big problems for people when infestations balloon out of control. Insects, rodents and other household pests have the ability to contaminate food sources, damage buildings and threaten the health of humans. Experienced exterminators are able to control pest populations in order to reduce the risks that these pests pose to people.


Damage Caused By Pests in Charlotte

Many different kinds of ants can cause health problems and do damage to buildings. Carpenter ants are known for causing damage to buildings by burrowing into wood structures. These ants search for moist wood because it is easier for them to chew through. The presence of carpenter ants in a home could indicate mold. Other ants like fire ants are known for causing pain by stinging people.

Fleas can cause health problems by biting people and spreading disease. The bites of fleas result in itchy, irritating bumps. Fleas are able to cause adverse reactions in both people and pets. Bed bugs are a problem because of their ability to adapt and spread. Infestations occur quickly, and getting rid of bed bugs is difficult because they are able to live in hard-to-reach cracks and crevices throughout a home. Bed bug bites result in red, itchy welts that swell.


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