Everyone has heard of fleas, and you probably think you must own a cat or dog to get them. But did you know fleas live on wild animals like squirrels, mice, and birds? They can hitch a ride inside by hopping off that squirrel in your yard onto you. A lot of times you just feel the bite and they are gone before you see them. That is why it is important for everyone to be educated on how to prevent fleas from entering the home. Always check your pets and make sure they do not have fleas, if they do call us right away and contact your local veterinarian to care for your pets. We can treat inside and outside for fleas, depending on the area you are seeing them. If you see them inside, but your dog stays in a lot outside also, it is best that we treat that area as well. The professional exterminators from Clint Miller offer pest control in Kannapolis, as well as Concord, Harrisburg, Albemarle, Norwood, Charlotte, Locust, Monroe, Matthews and the surrounding areas of North Carolina.


How to Prevent Fleas

  • Groom your cat/dog regularly
  • Try not to attract animals into your yard. Ex: keep bird feeders away from foundation of home.
  • Vacuum Frequently

Before Treatment

  • Vacuum floors (including hardwood), furniture, baseboards and carpets. (Immediately throw bag away, and place in garbage bag, seal and take outside. If you use a bag vac, a piece if a flea collar can be placed in the bag. Then you don't have to throw bag away every time you vacuum. Empty canister vacuum into sealed bag and remove from house after each use.
  • Remove all items off floors and carpets, from under beds and furniture and in closets.
  • Cover aquariums; turn off pumps, and remove all pets from inside the home.

Once this is all taken care of we are ready to begin treatment.

After Treatment

  • Do not re-enter or allow any animals back the home until the chemical is dry. This typically takes a few hours. (You can test dryness by placing a paper towel on floor & taping it with your toe. If the towel is dry, you are good to reenter the home.)
  • Ventilate house upon re-entry.
  • Vacuum daily for 14-30 days after treatment, until no more fleas!

If you think you found a flea, please contact our office and we will be happy to get a technician out there to identify the bug. If it is after hours and you would like to go ahead and send us an email with your information and a picture of the flea, please send it to [email protected] for faster identification.



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