Rodents can cause damage to your home and yard. Rats and mice are more likely to enter your home to acquire food, while voles will create unsightly tunnels in your lawn and garden areas.


About Voles

Voles are 3 to 8 inches long with grayish brown fur and short tails. They are sometimes confused with moles; however, voles have different eyes, feet and ears. Moles appear to be lacking eyes and ears, but they have large feet that are close to their bodies. If you see a vole, then its eyes, ears and feet will be similar to a field mouse. In addition, their underground burrows will mimic a tree shape if you’re able to view your yard’s damage from the upper level of your home. 


rat in houseAbout Rats and Mice

When rats or mice have infested your home, they can cause serious damage to your residence. For instance, they can chew through your home’s wiring, which may result in phone or Internet outages. Damaged wires can also create a fire. The pests destroy wood, sheetrock and insulation. Rats can even weaken your home’s foundation as they dig tunnels underneath the cement base. When mice infest your home, they can bring disease and create unhealthy living conditions.


Treatment Recommendations

Traps are an effective elimination method for rats and mice. To eradicate voles, we offer several treatment options. traps or baits



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