Many types of spiders find their way into homes when temperatures start to drop. Although a few are dangerous and present a health threat, most are harmless. However, even harmless spiders may become a nuisance when they cover your house in webs.

Which Spiders Are Dangerous?

The most common poisonous spiders in North America are the black widow and the brown recluse. Black widows have shiny black bodies and a red or orange hourglass-shaped marking on their abdomens. Although they’re not aggressive, they may bite when threatened. Bites are painful and may cause illness, but they’re not usually fatal. The brown recluse is a pale brown spider with darker legs and a violin-shaped marking near its head. Brown recluse bites often produce painful, ulcerated wounds. Brown Recluse are not native to North Carolina! Both spiders tend to build webs in dark corners.

How to Detect Spiders

The presence of webs is the most obvious indication of spider activity. Many spiders are nocturnal, so it is more common to see a live spider at night. If you suspect that a poisonous species has invaded your home, use extreme caution when placing your hands in dark spaces such as closets and corners of cabinets. Seek professional guidance promptly to reduce the risk of spider bites.

We Can End Your Spider Problem

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