China Grove Pest ControlClint Miller Exterminating serves numerous communities in North Carolina, including China Grove. If you live in the area, we are always available to get rid of your pest problems. We know exactly how to eradicate the region’s most notorious pests, including termites, ants and bed bugs.



Most of the destructive termites in North Carolina live below their food sources. If they choose your property as a feeding ground, they will create an extensive system of tunnels beneath your soil. Mature colonies number in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, and they can cause severe damage to your home’s wooden framework in a matter of weeks.



Ants are a major nuisance in North Carolina, and their numbers continue to grow. One of the most widespread ant species in the state is the red imported fire ant. You can detect these ants by looking for the telltale mounds that mark their colonies. Fire ants are extremely aggressive, and their venomous bites leave itchy bumps and welts on the skin.


Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant to pesticides, making them one of the most stubborn pest varieties. These insects also multiply quickly, and a few bed bugs can soon turn into a full-scale invasion. Bed bugs are parasites, and they feed on blood by inserting their mouthparts into their hosts. Bed bug bites typically leave painful red dots and rashes on the skin.


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