Kannapolis Pest ControlTermites, bed bugs and rodents are some of the most common residential pests. A termite queen can live for more than 25 years and lay thousands of eggs each day. These insects enter homes through roof eaves as well as places where porches, decks and other wooden architectural features contact the moist ground. Studies demonstrate that drywood and subterranean termites consume all types of cellulose, including carpets. The workers also hollow out wood as they feed, which makes the material structurally unsound. Termites cause more damage than fire and floods combined. Bed bug infestations have been on the rise in recent years. These nocturnal predators typically attack while their host sleeps. They enter your home through packing material, in the folds of fabric and inside luggage.

Once in your home, these parasitic insects like to stay close to their food source by living in beds or other areas that humans rest. Bed bugs bite humans to feed on their blood. A bed bug’s bite can cause welts and itchy rashes. Bed bugs fecal matter is also known to cause infections if it comes in to contact with an open wound or bite.Like termites, rodents enter through small gaps in a home’s exterior. Rodents can squeeze through cracks and openings where utility lines pass through the wall or wood is missing along soffits and eaves. They cause structural damage and fires as they gnaw on wood and other materials. These pests also carry diseases like salmonella and parasites that pose serious health risks to your family.Removing these pests requires a targeted approach with the latest up-to-date methods of eradication. Contact Clint Miller Exterminating at the first sign of a possible pest infestation. We will schedule a convenient time to provide you with a free no-obligation quote and discuss how we can protect your home and family. Our team can also provide tips on how to prevent pest infestations in the future.



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