Oakboro Pest ControlPests that find their way into homes and grow to infestation levels can cause serious problems for people and pets. Structural damage to buildings and health risks associated with pests require property owners to act quickly when an infestation is suspected. Professional extermination services from Clint Miller Exterminating eliminate pest problems to help protect families and their homes.


Damage From Pests In Oakboro

Cockroaches are a serious risk to the health of humans and pets. These pests can spread disease throughout a building by carrying bacteria on their legs. While individuals may be able to kill cockroaches, fecal matter and dead cockroaches that are left behind can continue to cause health problems for occupants of a building. Thorough pest control services that include a cleanup after extermination is complete are needed to eliminate health risks.

Mosquitoes are another threat to human health. These pests are able to spread life-threatening diseases when they bite people. High populations of mosquitoes are present during warm months, and mosquitoes are drawn to standing water. While eliminating conditions that attract mosquitoes can help reduce populations, professional extermination services are needed to ensure that mosquito populations will be kept under control. Fire ants are known for stinging people and causing painful, red welts. Infestations of fire ants could lead a person to be stung dozens of times.


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