Benefits Of Cockroach Extermination: Cockroach Control

One of the most common pests is the cockroach, and there are many types. They infest any place that has clutter and food left out, and like warm, moist places. They’ll live in and eat cardboard and paper. One of their favorite places is in the kitchen because it is generally more humid than other places in the house and has plenty of food and water, especially if a faucet is leaking. The benefits of cockroach extermination are many and outweigh any health benefits of cockroaches you might believe they have.

Control Measure of Cockroaches

The best thing you can do to help control cockroaches is to keep your home clean. Make sure food containers are sealed. Transfer dry goods that come in cardboard, such as pasta, to sealed food containers. Make sure soft drink bottles and cans are emptied and rinsed out, especially if you store them separately for recycling. If you spill something or drop crumbs, clean up the mess immediately. Keep sinks, tubs and showers clean and dry. Even in the winter, you must be proactive as cockroaches live year ’round.

Fumigation for Cockroaches

Back in the day, fumigation for cockroaches consisted of residual sprays. The home had to be clean and prepared for these sprays, and they were not always effective, especially in homes that were cluttered and dirty. Now, different methods for controlling cockroaches exist, including sprays that no longer leave a residual mess and bait traps. In the 1980s, insecticides included diazinonFicam and malathion in the form of dust or sprays. You would have to clean everything after the exterminator left. Now, several other options are available so that you don’t have to wash every dish in the house or remove food from the cupboards just to get your home sprayed.

Benefits of Cockroach Control

Since the 1980s, researchers have learned that cockroaches negatively affect the health of people, particularly children. Solid evidence shows that cockroaches contribute – in a major way – to asthma morbidity. Children who lived in infested homes had more of a chance to have asthma, missed more school days and saw the doctor more often. One of the biggest benefits of cockroach control is better health for your family.

Does Killing a Cockroach Attract More?

Dead cockroaches may attract more, simply because they are another source of food. However, roaches prefer other food sources, such as your trash cans, the crumbs you said you’d clean up later but never did and dripping water faucets. If the dead cockroaches are removed – and this is much easier with bait traps – you do not have to worry about other cockroaches checking out their dead buddies for a food source. This simply means you should vacuum or sweep regularly, including in floor cabinets.

Instead of worrying about that, you should be more worried about the detriment to your health from having a cockroach-infested home. Find a cheap exterminator for roaches – pest control cockroaches price is not high. An exterminator such as Clint Miller Exterminating will come out to spray for cockroaches, ants and other bugs. If the infestation is bad enough, the exterminator may have to apply a second treatment, but if you do your part and keep your home clean, extermination works better and you are less likely to need a second treatment.

Pest Control for Roaches in Home

In addition to sprays and foggers, the exterminator may also place bait traps. Even in homes that remain poorly maintained and not cleaned often, bait traps lower the number of roaches inside the home. However, if you continue to leave the garbage can in the kitchen without it being covered, or if you don’t clean up crumbs and spills right away, you’ll never get rid of the roaches. More will seek out the smorgasbord you are leaving out of them and invite themselves in.

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

If you see signs of cockroaches, including their exo-skeletons and feces, contact Clint Miller Exterminating to schedule a time for our exterminators to come out to spray, set bait traps or other control measures of cockroaches to get rid of the roaches.

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