Can Bed Bugs Make Your Sick?

If you’re red and itchy for no known reason, you may have bedbugs. These tiny, oval-shaped insects move from one place to another via humans, since they don’t have wings. Their favorite dish is blood from humans and animals and are most active during the night hours. The health effects of bed bug bites and the long term side effects of bed bug bites may be worse for some people and minor for others. But no matter how bedbugs affect you, you should look for bed bug disease symptoms. If you find symptoms, you should contact your doctor.

Bed Bug Bites.

While some people may not even notice when they’ve been bitten by bed bugs, others will. The bites show up as a swollen area with a dark red center and lighter red outer area. They are usually grouped together in one small area or may be in a line. If you have an extreme reaction to the bites, you may have hives or blisters in the area of the bites.

Bed bugs are not necessarily a symptom of dirty homes. They have been found in 5-star hotels. They are mostly nocturnal, so are more active at night. During the daylight hours, bed bugs hide in bed frames, mattress seams, dressers, behind wallpaper, in headboards and anywhere else – usually within about 8 feet from where people sleep.

Harmful Effects of Bed Bugs

If you have been bitten by bed bugs, several questions may cross your mind, including:

  • Can bed bugs make you sick?
  • Can bed bugs cause health effect?
  • What can bed bugs do to humans?
  • Can bed bugs cause health effects?

First, bed bugs do not usually spread disease. However, they could cause itching and could cause you to lose sleep. If the itching causes excessive scratching, you could get a secondary skin infection – but that is from scratching, not from the bed bugs themselves.

The health risks of bed bugs depend on the person bitten. Some people won’t notice any symptoms, including itching bites while others could suffer from an allergic reaction to the bites. In most cases, the only time you’ll need medical attention is if you have a severe allergic reaction to the bed bug bites.

How Do I Know If I Have a Bed Bug Infestation?

You may be able to identify a bed bug infestation if you notice their bites on your body. However, the bites may not show up or they may become visible up to 14 days after you’ve been bitten. Look for other signs of bed bugs instead. Check the folds in the sheets and mattresses for bed bugs; look for their exoskeletons after a molt and look for rusty-colored blood spots on mattresses and furniture. The bed bugs’ fecal matter is this color because it is filled with blood. You may also notice a sweet musty smell.

Health Risks of Bed Bugs

Some people may suffer from health risks from bed bugs, including allergic reactions to the bed bugs, an infection caused by excessive scratching, insomnia, stress and depression due to sleep deprivation, a weakened immune system if bites are left untreated and latent illnesses because of a weakened immune system. Often, the bites heal on their own; however, if they don’t because of infection or other reason, you will need medical treatment. If you suffer an allergic reaction or infection because of bed bug bites, be sure to go to your doctor or the emergency room immediately.

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