DIY vs. Professional Rodent Control: What Charlotte Homeowners Need to Know

Uh-oh, you’ve seen signs of a mouse or rodent in your house or have heard them scurrying around your home. This is a reality nobody wants to face. Your first thought may be to go to the store and buy a trap, or maybe you already have pest control on the dial. Before jumping to a decision, it would be best to know the pros and cons of both DIY rodent control and professional rodent control for Charlotte homeowners. Read our guide to see which is best for you!

DIY Rodent Control Solutions in Charlotte:

Most DIY rodent solutions are traps and baits. You can usually find these at your local hardware store at a very low price. But before you make the decision to buy anything, you should first know the pros and cons of DIY solutions. 

What Are the Pros?

There are several pros to using DIY rodent solutions. We’ll cover the three most common reasons to use DIY solutions.


One of the biggest appeals to at-home rodent control solutions is that it’s cheap. The most basic, classic mousetrap can be found for as low as $2–3. Even more advanced and or humane traps are still available for under $20. If you’re looking for a way to save money, a DIY solution is a great place to start. Just make sure you do research on which trap will work best for your pest problem, so you don’t end up wasting money. 


Most rodent traps are reusable. While this will require a little bit of cleanup and work, it adds to the affordability and convenience factor of at-home traps. This could be a good solution if you find that a rodent appears every now and then in or around your home. You’ll want to make sure this reoccurring problem isn’t the symptom of a larger infestation, but if it’s just because you’re in a more rural area or because it’s winter, reusable traps can be a great solution. 

Good for Small Issues

Traps and baits work well when there’s only a small issue with rodents. Trapping one or two rodents will be an easy task for DIY rodent control. An exterminator may not be needed if it’s a one-off, small issue. You can save money by just going to your local store and finding a store-bought pest control solution. 

What Are the Cons?

Despite all the pros, there are a few cons to be aware of when choosing DIY rodent control. 

Potentially Hazardous

One of the biggest concerns with any DIY, store-bought pest control solution is that you’re working with potentially dangerous traps and chemicals. While some mousetraps don’t have chemicals, they can cause injury, especially to young children and smaller pets. Baits do have chemicals that can be dangerous to work with and can cause health issues if accidentally ingested. If you want a safe, DIY rodent control solution, humane traps such as catch-and-release traps should cause no harm to you or your family. 

Ineffective for Large Infestations

If DIY rodent control solutions are effective for small issues, it would follow that they may not be the best solution for large infestations. Without a professional, you may underestimate how bad a rodent problem is. A few store-bought traps and baits won’t be able to handle a large infestation, and not getting proper pest control can make the issue worse as rodents reproduce rapidly. If you suspect an infestation at all, it’s best to call the professionals. 

Won’t Work for All Rodents

Traps may work for mice, and baits may work for voles. But rats can be a bit tricker. Rats are intelligent rodents, and once they identify a threat, they’re pretty good at avoiding it. Unless you know where to strategically place traps and baits, catching these clever pests can be a challenge. Or you could end up buying traps that aren’t as effective as they claim—wasting your time, money, and peace of mind. 

Professional Rodent Control Solutions

Hiring a pest control company would be the option for professional rodent control. If you decide to go with professional rodent extermination, make sure to check their website or call their office to see if they deal with rodents.

What Are the Pros?

There are several pros to going with a professional pest control company for any rodent problem you may have. 

Efficient the First Time

Pest control technicians are specifically trained and certified to know how to deal with pests and rodents of all types. They are experienced in dealing with infestations and know how to get rid of the problem the first time. Some companies may even offer an efficiency guarantee like we do at Clint Miller Exterminating. If one of our technicians comes out to your house and you see a recurrence of the problem within the next 40 days, we’ll retreat your house for free! 

Experience in Type of Pest

Professional pest control exterminators work with a variety of different pests every day, including rodents. They’re familiar with what patterns to look for and know the signs of an infestation. They’ll be able to guide you through what treatment is needed and how to prevent further infestations. The company may even offer recurring, preventative services to control these pests before they become a problem.

Friendly to Pets, Children, and the Environment

When you choose to work with professionals, you are not putting yourself or your family at direct risk from the hazardous chemicals of store-bought solutions. Pest control technicians are certified to work with specific chemicals, and most pest control places use chemicals that are safe for your pets, children, and the environment. This way you can enjoy a pest-free home without worrying about harmful chemicals. 

What Are the Cons?

While going with professional rodent control is a quick and easy solution, there is one con you may be concerned about. 

More Expensive

Going with professional pest control can be more expensive than DIY solutions. While different companies will have different prices, you may spend more than if you had just bought the traps and bait yourself. 

However, remember that time is money. The initial cost savings you may see in DIY pest control can quickly become pricy when you realize just how much time it takes to properly set up traps and bait—especially if you underestimate the scale of the infestation. 

As pest control experts, we are doing this every day and have experience in determining the infestation size. Rather than leaving it to guesswork and hoping your store-bought traps eliminate the problem, a pest control specialist will be able to get rid of your rodent problem efficiently, quickly, and the first time. 

Trust the Professionals at Clint Miller Exterminating for Rodent Control

With over 40 years of rodent control in Charlotte, Clint Miller Exterminating can help you with any rodent infestation or prevention methods you need. We can treat rats, mice, and voles—plus any other common pests that may be bothering you. If you want to go with the professionals and save time and money, contact our experienced team at Clint Miller Exterminating for effective rodent control.

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