FAQs for Aspiring Pest Control Technicians: Is Pest Control Worth It as a Job?

Are you interested in getting into the pest control industry? If you’ve already done some research, you may have found some pest control technician positions and are now wondering if that job is right for you. There are several reasons we believe a pest control career is well worth your effort, but to help you come to that conclusion yourself, we’ve outlined the most frequently asked questions about the field!

What Is a Pest Control Technician?

If you’re looking for pest control jobs, you’re likely at least somewhat familiar with the term “pest control technician.” The Bureau of Labor Statistics defines pest control technicians as “usually entry-level workers who identify potential and actual pest problems, conduct inspections, and design control strategies.” As you first enter the field, you may have limited access to pesticides until you gain further experience, but as you advance in your career and gain the required licenses, you’ll have access to all the pest control equipment and tools available to Clint Miller exterminators. 

How Much Does a Pest Control Tech Make?

In North Carolina, the median salary for a pest control technician is around $32,500. The range can be anywhere from $27,000 to $60,500. Your salary will vary depending on your years of experience, qualifications, and licensing. At Clint Miller Exterminating, our pest control technicians start at $15 to $20 an hour and can earn a commission on top of your regular hourly wage. With an hourly schedule, you can be flexible for special needs. The end goal is to have you working on commission of total jobs satisfactorily completed.

What Is a Day in the Life of a Pest Control Technician?

Your day-to-day routine will vary depending on the company you work for, the clientele scheduled for the day, and the time of year. Pest control is a seasonal job with the types of pests and the amount of jobs changing with the seasons. A typical day looks like going from building to building—both residential and commercial—to inspect for pests, identify any damage, and come up with a treatment plan if you find signs of pests or an infestation. Our exterminators work a schedule of 8 AM to 6 PM Monday through Friday and have the option to work Saturdays when the need arises. 

How to Become a Pest Control Technician

Training and testing are part of the onboarding process at Clint Miller Exterminating. 

At Clint Miller Exterminating, we provide training for the licensing tests to help you succeed in the pest control field. We also require an NC driver’s license with a driving record that meets our insurance requirements for all our pest control technicians. 

Why Should I Join the CME Team?

At Clint Miller, pest control is more than just a job—it’s our passion. Everyone on our team brings their own unique talents to the field to help protect our customers’ property and health from invading pests. Clint Miller is a workplace where you can be excited to come in each day and know that you’re supported by your coworkers and leaders. We provide a nice working environment with friendly and helpful staff. To ensure you can do the best job possible, we invest in the latest, state-of-the-art equipment and technology to protect you and the people we serve from the chemicals we work with. Our benefits include provided uniforms, paid personal days, paid holidays, company matching on a 401k retirement plan, production bonuses, and sales commissions.

Apply to Clint Miller’s Available Positions Today!

Clint Miller Exterminating is growing and looking for more people to join our team! With Clint Miller, you’ll be at a company that is passionate about the pest control needs of our local community with a team that’s passionate about what they do. If you’re ready for a workplace where you can put your passions and talents to use, apply to our open positions today!

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