What Happens If You Get Bitten By A Cockroach

Periplaneta americana is the scientific name for cockroach species such as the American cockroach. This species along with other types of cockroaches can, and do, bite humans under certain conditions. The most common reason being the lack of or shortage of food due to an unchecked infestation and there are too many mouths to feed. With limited resources to feed, cockroaches are forced to expand their feeding ground, which includes humans.

If food sources are readily available, such as garbage cans without lids, packages not secured in sealed containers, or dishes with food particles left in the kitchen sink, the chances of being bitten are reduced, but this leads to more cockroaches infesting your home or business.

When bites occur, cockroaches typically zone in on areas such as calloused feet, fingernails, fingers, hair, and eyelashes. The effects of a cockroach bite range from minor irritation and swelling to open lesions and infected wounds.

How to Treat Cockroach Bite

It is generally understood that a bite by a cockroach is not life-threatening situation, but you don’t want to ignore it. Typically, if the bug has a choice between you and leftovers sitting on the counter, they’re going after the easiest food source that poses no danger.

In the event you are bitten by a cockroach, there are a couple of steps to take. First, clean it thoroughly as soon as it’s detected. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol and clean the area, or you may opt for an over-the-counter antiseptic cream to clean the area. Keep an eye on the bite for at least one week. If the bite doesn’t disappear, or if it is showing signs of infection, make an appointment to see your doctor.

Cockroach Bite Health Risk

In the world of a cockroach, the bugs are considered to be a clean, but in the human world, cockroaches carry bacteria and infectious germs that can make someone ill. Unlike some insects, cockroaches are not poisonous, but with their reputation as a hitchhiker, this means they can carry a variety of health-related bacteria that they pick up along their travels.

Some health issues you may experience when bitten by a cockroach include allergies, salmonella, asthma, food poisoning, typhoid, and bacterial infections. As mentioned, typically, a bite by a cockroach can be addressed with cleansing and the use of an antiseptic but there are situations where food sources you have access to have been infected with bacteria resulting in illness, and in some cases, the bite may trigger an allergy or asthma attack.

Contact Clint Miller Exterminating

The cockroach lifespan is approximately one year. During that time, the bugs breed and continually add to the cockroach population. The key to eliminating the bugs is with comprehensive cockroach control. Even the cleanliest home can have a cockroach problem, but if there are openings or cracks, they can squeeze through, cockroaches will make their way inside in search of food and water resources.

Over the counter cockroach repellents are a quick cure for the moment but for the long term eradication of cockroaches, both inside and outside the residential or commercial building, you need the professional services of Clint Miller Exterminating. With onsite inspections and a plan of action at the ready, technicians can put your mind at ease by eliminating the problem using specific baits and sprays that target cockroaches. The treatments are applied to inside areas where cockroaches frequent as well as crawl spaces and the exterior perimeter. In the event cockroaches are still present after treatment, contact the company and schedule a follow-up visit.

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